How to deal with the Fear-Of-Missing-Out

Millennials. We are described as entitled and lazy. We want things instantly and we want them perfect. We are agile and adaptable. We are impatient and picky. One thing that we aren’t, though, is afraid of adventure. We’re the “Gen Y” who want to work from home, from a home-from-home, from a golden sandy beach in Indonesia, or from a quirky hotel bar in New York. Whether we are what the stereotypes perpetuate or not, that’s what they say we are. But one thing, I think the critics are right about is FOMO. The Fear-Of-Missing-Out epidemic has hit the Millennials hard, or so they say, and I can absolutely agree that I’m no exception.

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Let’s take an example. It’s 6pm on a Monday, you’re knackered and waiting for the tube home; there’s a long queue at the platform so naturally, you’re not going to get the first tube home. You get in line with the endless army of commuters. You find your phone in your coat pocket – yes, you’re wearing a coat because it’s England so it’s miserable and cold outside (even if it is July!). You find yourself on Instagram and see a bikini clad body living your dream, swimming with turtles in the bluest waters in the Maldives. Suddenly, your long commute home seems sucky in comparison.

So, I thought long and hard about my travel fears. After the hard hitting ones: natural disasters, terrorism, medical emergencies and so forth comes FOMO. The Fear-Of-Missing-Out is real for me. With Instagram portraying a perfectly hued Sierra-filtered life, it’s easy to feel that all around us are people on lavish holidays, balancing gracefully on inflatable unicorns (how do they do that?!) and getting the perfect jumping shots on sandy beaches. I can’t help it, the FOMO creeps in so frequently. I’m even guilty of being on holiday and getting FOMO when my family are doing fun things back home without me!

I’m now actively trying to shed my FOMO. I’ve decided not to miss out anymore but to jump right in, to bite the bullet and do something bold. Those close to me will know that I usually plan every detail, whether it be for my trips, my career or even my dinners! Sometimes though, it’s good to shake things up. I’m taking three trips that have all been planned over the span of just a few weeks. It’s not like me, the planner, to do this! I’ve two short hauls and the biggest trip yet… and finally, I can share it with you! Here’s what’s coming up:

1) Barcelona, Spain
I’m throwing caution to the wind and joining my other half on a fairly last minute trip to Barcelona. I last went in 2011 on a girly trip and loved wandering around, eating mountains of tapas and exploring the clubs till the early hours. Six years on, I imagine it’s going to be pretty different! I’m planning to eat as much tapas as humanly possible, go on a foodies tour, visit the Salvador Dali museum, beach it up and spend quality time with the Doc. And you know what, I’m not even planning much!

Source: Tourism Ireland

2) County Cork, Ireland
I fell in love with Ireland on my first work trip to Cork in 2015; the people are the warmest I’ve ever met, it’s green and lush and vibrant, and there’s so much charm that every time I’ve wanted to explore more. With plans to review a gorgeous, luxury hotel, explore more of the Ancient East and unwind from city life. I’m super excited!

3) Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia
Finally, I can reveal that we are planning a long trip to South America! It’s an adventure that I’ve been dreaming about for seven years since my first experience of the continent! I’m excited to eat the freshest ceviche in Lima, walk through waterfalls in Ecuador, see animals I’ve not heard of in the Galapagos, and see the salt flats I had as my laptop screensaver for years! Of course, the pristine sandy beaches of Colombia are also high up on my list too. Ooh and I’m hoping to alleviate my fear of trekking by reaching Machu Picchu in one piece (even typing this makes me nervous!)

I’ve realised you just can’t have everything at once and different flames need to be dialled up and dialled down based on your priorities at the time. I won’t let the Fear-Of-Missing-Out ruin my daily commute anymore. Some days you’re working late, with your hair in a messy bun, heels kicked off and it’s raining outside. Other days, the sun feels warm on your skin, soft sand brushes the soles of your feet, there’s salt in the air and the reflection of a Pina Colada in your sunglasses. FOMO is exactly that. Just another fear. And yes, I’ll probably get another bout of that dreaded FOMO sometime soon. Maybe it’ll pop up when I’m driving through the countryside in Ireland or looking for tapas in Barcelona. Who knows? FOMO often pops up when I least expect it.

Anyway, that’s quite enough for today. I’m really looking forward to my trips, please do let me know if you’ve any recommendations and follow along on Instagram. Oh and if you do get hit with a bit of FOMO when you see my travel pics, please note, I wrote this whilst commuting on a packed Jubilee line, with a uniquely pungent odour of strong aftershave and damp surrounding me. And there’s a crying child in the carriage too. I have a headache and I’m in an enclosed space so it’s not all glam. It won’t be long till you’ll be on your next trip too – and I can’t wait to hear about it!



  • I know exactly what you mean about FOMO – I’ve decided to do a little jumping in but also jumping out, if that makes sense… just reminding myself that actually, I live a pretty charmed, travel and fun-filled life so there’s no need to compare myself to others! I am very excited for your short and long travels – we’re currently plotting another long stint too as we miss being ‘on the road’ again!

    • I totally get that, I’m doing the same. We’re a lucky bunch and need to remember that. Brilliant, exciting news on your travel. Where are you thinking of going!?

  • Harpreet Acharya

    Oh my goodness Reena, now YOU have given me FOMO especially with that last one about ticking off your South America dreams….I love your out of the box take on this…I didn’t even think of FOMO as a travel fear but it so is, and we all go through it everyday thanks to social media! Can’t wait to live vicariously through you as you traipse around South America! #travellinkup

    • Haha thanks Harpreet. No to FOMO!!! I’m so excited, and a little nervous, about going back to South America. It’s where I first experienced solo travel and there are so many places I want to see for the first time. Do follow along on Instagram! I’ll check out your post too! x

  • theCuriousPixie

    Ok! So I now have serious FOMO. Love South America. You guys are going to have the best time. And I WILL be vicariously living through your Insta feed x

    • You’re off on holiday very soon aren’t you?! No FOMO! I’m so excited and am going to try and squeeze in your Patagonia tips if our itinerary allows! Will be taking more and more of your tips when I see you in exchange for drinks!!! x

      • It can’t come soon enough – So over work at the moment. I need time out and to come back with a serious change of attitude. Look forward to catching up with you properly in September x

  • FOMO is hard – oh the joy off social media! I will be experiencing a fair bit of FOMO myself seeing your trips!

  • Aftab – Fresh And Fearless

    I know exactly what you mean about FOMO. Instagram is the worst for it too – makes you want to go everywhere.

    • Absolutely. Sometimes I just close it down and give myself a little break from it – it’s meant to be fun not make you anxious!

  • South America is awesome! Just don’t use any water not from a bottle! Be brave and embrace it!

  • Absolutely loved this post! I think we’re all guilty when it comes to experiencing FOMO from time to time, but it’s even worse when you’re a blogger and on social media all the time. Super excited for you and your future adventures – can’t wait to follow along!

    Polly xx

    • Yes yes yes! You’re so right Polly! We bloggers get it bad. Thanks so much, it feels so crazy to be on the verge of living out something I’ve wanted to do for years! x

  • Beautiful post girl! Love your intro. God forbid the FOMO. I have to turn my brain off on Instagram these days!

    • Thanks my love! Right? We have it so bad but just got to keep remembering it will always look more glam on the ‘gram!

  • Emma Morrell

    Love it! I have FOMO all the time! Never thought of that in terms of a fear though haha. V jealous of you going to Ecuador – its my favourite place ever (I used to live there so I am biased)

    • You lived there?! Crikey that’s cool! I’d love to know more. Any top tips/ must try restaurants?

      • Emma Morrell

        It was a long long time ago. You should check out Cultura Manor which is run by an old friend of mine – ask for Laszlo and tell him I sent you!

  • Wandermust Family

    i find travelling with a lo has cured my FOMO

  • Ahh, I get the whole “everybody’s going on holiday without me” sentiment, having lived away from family for over a decade and seeing their happy smiley holiday photos sans me!

    But I’m so excited to see your Galapagos and South America photos!!! YAY!

    • They probably get FOMO seeing your trips too then! Thanks Honey, I’m excited to see you in a few weeks! x

  • FOMO is definitely real. I try to share photos in a way on Instagram when I’m away that are a little more introspective and descriptive rather than brag-gy … not sure if I succeed, but I know I appreciate those types of captions when I see friends on holiday instead of the typical “Not a bad way to start a Monday” with hot dog legs in front of a beach, haha!!!

    Anyway, I am so excited for your trip to South America!!! I’ve been wanting to go there for ages.

    xo Jaime

  • Love that you wrote it on the tube! FOMO made my post too, but I really try and ignore it – somewhere nobody else finds that you stumble across is always better than a busy place!

    • Haha yes totally part and parcel of trying to be a blogger whilst also having a separate full time job as a Consultant. I try to find time to write wherever I can! Even in the least glam of places!

      That’s so true, I love when you find somewhere that becomes your own little memory, and actually those are the places I like to share most (although there’s always the debate of whether to share it at all and instead keep it from the crowds!) It does feel good to find your own spot and not be swarmed with others!

  • Your trip to South America sounds AMAZING!!!!!! I’m going to be so jealous following along. I wish we’d had more time there. I would 100% recommend our trek – we did the Salkantay. Our guides were awesome and one night you stay in glass igloos! Will give you the full details when I see you. You’re going to love it!
    Vicky x

    • Thanks so much Vicky, I’ve been pinning your blog posts and waiting out for more tips! I’d love to know more about your trek as we are debating Salkantay vs Inca at the moment, though we’re likely to be doing it in December. I’d love the details! Looking forward to seeing you soon my lovely x

  • Aaah your S America trip sounds fabulous! I’ve only had a taster of it so would love to return one day. Patagonia was the most beautiful place I’ve ever travelled to ???

  • I’m so excited about your South America trip Reena! Once you have more of an itinerary in place let me know – my hubbie and I are heading over towards the end of the year to do the family rounds so if we are anywhere near each other would be fab to meet up. Will def send you some Peru recommendations too! xx

    • EEK that would be amazing! I think we will be in Peru for around 3 weeks from the end of November! Let me know your plans and we should totally try to coordinate!

  • Anita

    Hi, just found your blog randomly and loving your posts! This one made me smile as it’s SO me -a work colleague actually laughed at me the other day as they were organising a night out I REALLY didn’t want to go on (leaving do for another work colleague I really don’t like much!) but I still couldn’t resist asking ‘where are you going?’ in case I was missing out!!
    Have an amazing time in South America -I did the Galapagos/Quito/Lima/the Amazon/Cusco and the Inca trail 4 years ago (wow how time flies!) -one of the best trips I’ve ever done BUT the Inca trail truly is tough at times- pace yourself and be prepared!!

    • Hi Anita! This comment made me smile so so much! Firstly thank you for your kind words, it makes it so worth the late nights writing when I get a comment like this so THANK YOU! FOMO is such a funny thing isn’t it? I’d be exactly the same!

      Thanks, I’m getting seriously excited for the trip now. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for years and I’m so looking forward to finally experiencing it. I’d love any tips on those as we’re doing a very similar itinerary. I’m very nervous for the trekking but am planning to break my new hiking boots in with a day of hiking this weekend. Wish me luck Anita!! xxxx

  • Jessica Elliott

    Looks like a good itinerary!

  • Kalilah Hayward

    FOMO is soooo real, especially with social media in the works! Can’t wait to follow along!

  • Janine Beynon

    Great post! Hope you enjoy your upcoming trips- I would love to visit South America sometime! The things you want to do there all sound like amazing experiences.

    • Thanks Janine, I hope so, I’m definitely getting excited for it. Great photo by the way, love the colourful background!!

  • Young And Undecided

    What a wonderfully inspiring post! I loved reading this! Your South American trip will be amazing!!! Also yes I agree with Cork, such a lovely place and the people are just top notch! Happy Travels love 🙂 xx