The Next Adventure

I have the travel bug.
A totally dramatic, all-encompassing, dream-conquering, eye-widening travel bug. “My name’s Reena and I’m a travel-holic…”

About 3 years ago today I decided that I would go backpacking before I started University. I was coming to the end of an internship that I absolutely loved and had a big gap before Uni began. I had a myriad of ideas of what I wanted to do next and longed to escape the British Winter for something new, fresh and sunny! Fast forward a few months and I returned from the most amazing volunteering and backpacking experience in Argentina and Brazil.

Excuse the cliché but that summer changed my life – this is where I first caught the travel bug i.e the NEED to travel! It was my first proper time away from home, my first time to South America and my first time backpacking. I volunteered with children in a jungle village with no electricity, had tango lessons in downtown Buenos Aires, sky-dived over the Rio de la Plata (Silver River!) and met the most incredible people.

I’ve gone on to backpack in Venezuela, Vietnam and Cambodia since; all of which have been absolutely breathtaking. Here are some of the highlights:

Paraty, Brazil

Wat Phnom, Cambodia

Phnom Penh, Cambodia


Canaima, Venezuela

Angel falls (Salto Ángel), Venezuela
The majority of these snaps were taking by my best friend and fabulous photographer Roopa!

This year will be my first backpacking trip without her as my main travel bud but I will be joined by two of my closest uni friends. I am so so so excited for backpacking Thailand this year! I’m always one to get completely engulfed in the planning of a trip so have been reading tonnes of travel blogs and am hoping that this next adventure is the best one yet!

What are your favourite travel destinations? Favourite travel blogs? Anyone travelled in Thailand?
Can you tell that I’m trying (and failing) not to get over excited??!!