Charming Montmartre

Our next day in Paris was spent with a few hours looking around the church, having a rummage in Fauchon, my favourite luxury food boutique and the incredible Mariage Fréres, an amazingly vast tea shop (think Charlie’s chocolate factory for tea!)

We walked up the Champs-élysées, hit Sephora for some make-up rummaging and did some typically touristy posing at the Arc du Triomphe!


Lifestyle Enthusiast - Desserts at Fauchon, Paris


Lifestyle Enthusiast - Incredible seafood salad cracker at Fauchon, Paris


Lifestyle Enthusiast - Delectable Eclairs at Fauchon, Paris

We walked, and walked, and walked, and walked till we could walk no more! Eventually we tired and jumped onto a bus and headed towards the Sacré Coeur in the Montmartre area of Paris.

Lifestyle Enthusiast - Montmartre fair, Paris

One of my favourite spots in Paris was Montmartre, slightly down from the Sacré Coeur, further away from the swarms. Being here was a bit like being taken back in a time machine to an artsy part of Paris with charm and character. Streets are absolutely filled with art galleries, chocolate shops, grocery stores and fromageries. We went into a local boulangerie and then a local fromagerie and then had a little picnic of baguettes with artisan cheeses. Bliss!

Lifestyle Enthusiast - Montmarte, Paris - Art
Lifestyle Enthusiast - Restaurant Le Poulbot, Montmartre in Paris

What a perfect day!