Where to eat in Paris

Paris is a food-lovers dream. Endless choices of excellent food both subtle and flavoursome too. Cheese, pastry, chocolate, wine… the words alone make me hungry.

Anyone who knows me would know how much I love gastronomy and food in general. Paris did not disappoint!

Eating in Paris was a total pleasure. We had breakfast of croissants in the market, picked up warm baguettes from boulangeries and gorgeous cheeses from the endless little fromageries. I loved it!

Lifestyle Enthusiast - Fresh Tomatoes and Vegetables, Paris


Lifestyle Enthusiast - Delicious Seeded French Bread

Lifestyle Enthusiast - Personalised Diet Coke - Antoine

I loved just sitting on a bench, with a pretty Parisian view, fresh baguette and oozy brie at hand. Perfection.

On my final night in Paris I met up with my friend Anne-Sophie for dinner. Anne-Sophie was born and brought up in Paris and lives there still. We hadn’t seen each other in over two years so it was so good when she agreed to pick me up from my hotel and meet for drinks.

We headed to a local wine bar and caught up over a glass of gorgeous french red before heading to Les trois garçons for some dinner al-fresco!

Lifestyle Enthusiast -Dinner at Les trois garçons, Paris



Lifestyle Enthusiast - Dinner at Les trois garçons, Paris



Lifestyle Enthusiast - Dinner at Les trois garçons, Paris


Lifestyle Enthusiast - Menu at Les trois garçons, Paris


Lifestyle Enthusiast - Bar A Vins, Paris


Lifestyle Enthusiast - Les trois garçons, Paris

We had a great evening of delicious french food and wine and a much-needed catch-up and a perfect final dinner in Paris!

Les Trois Garçons is located on 165 rue de Javel, Paris. Highly recommend it for a casual al-fresco dinner 🙂