Bueng Pai Farm – an idyllic stay

In Thailand, having no access to a laptop was both a blessing and a curse for me. I loved being able to escape monotony but have neglected you followers unfortunately. Sorry! I promise to be better soon! This trip has been so full of different moments that have been unlike any other. Today I had an absolute urge to share this wondrous place with you where I’ve absolutely loved staying – Bueng Pai Farm.
Lifestyle Enthusiast - Hammock - Bueng Pai Farm

This magical place is called Bueng Pai Farm. It’s a beautiful farm on a rice paddy with gorgeous gorgeous views.


Lifestyle Enthusiast - Hueng Pai Farm Views

 Lifestyle Enthusiast - Bueng Pai Farm


Lifestyle Enthusiast - Pai Valley Rice Paddies

From our terrace we can see the gorgeous Pai valley rice paddies as well as local farmers planting crops. You can pick your own bananas, starfruit, pineapples and papayas and go
fishing from your veranda (strictly to catch then release!) Or like we did, you could just lay about, relax and take it all in from the hammock!

Lifestyle Enthusiast - Caught in the Veranda


Lifestyle Enthusiast - Bueng Pai Farm


Lifestyle Enthusiast - Meeting new friends in Bueng Pai Farm

I feel so blessed to be here with both old friends and new. Getting a new appreciation for life through meeting so many different people from all over the world with different experiences. It’s funny how people you’ve only known for a few weeks can feel like people you’ve known and loved for years!


Lifestyle Enthusiast - Oh My Buddha


Lifestyle Enthusiast - Choosing out handmade bracelets in Thailand


Lifestyle Enthusiast - Friends in Thailand


Lifestyle Enthusiast - Relazing in the fresh water in Thailand


Lifestyle Enthusiast - Fishing in the water


Lifestyle Enthusiast  - Pai


Lifestyle Enthusiast - Views in Pai, Thailand


Lifestyle Enthusiast - Views in Pai, Thailand


Lifestyle Enthusiast  - Bench - Pai


Lifestyle Enthusiast - Bueng Pai Farm

Bueng Pai Farm has that unique charm of evoking feelings that you just can’t put a finger on. This place is like nothing I’ve seen before – and so unimaginably scenic. Photos do it absolutely no justice!

We sat taking in the sound of the rain, reflective and peaceful, swinging on the hammock with the occasional sound of the wind chime. Incredible views, incredible food and incredible friends. I don’t ever want to leave.

Lifestyle Enthusiast - Bueng Pai Farm - Freshly Grown Banana's


Lifestyle Enthusiast - Plants in Beung Pai Farm


Lifestyle Enthusiast - Fresh Fruit grown in Bueng Pai Farm


Lifestyle Enthusiast - Cute Buddha Statue in the Lake


Lifestyle Enthusiast - Dining on the lake, Bueng Pai Farm
Bueng Pai Farm is located on 185 Moo 5, Tambon Mae Hee, Amphur Pai, Mae Hong Sorn 58130, Thailand   •   email info@paifarm.com (link here)Lifestyle Enthusiast - Drinking Tea in Bueng Pai Farm