Street Feast

Those who know me know that one of my biggest passions is food, whether that be cooking, eating or reading food blogs, my day-to-day turns to food and when travelling a lot of my fondest memories are food related. Everyone has that something that they end up engulfing them and food is it for me, I’ll often be jotting down recipes on my way to work or thinking of new ways to put ingredients together. My brother often teases me for my love for food programmes and anyone who really knows me knows that my true first love was Ready Steady Cook, which I watched almost religiously after school as a kid!

As well as baking, watching food programmes and trying new restaurants I’ve become a massive fan of food festivals. I have no idea how I first started going, I’d been following Street Feast for a while on Twitter and I guess because of this I’ve ended up finding myself heading to far pasts of London, to converted warehouses and places I’d never heard of to get seriously good food. I’ve got a bit of reputation for loving this so often find friends send me random links which turn into trips to the most random places. I love it… usually a blend of food lovers rubbing shoulders in BBQ smokey warehouses with foods from all over.

I’ve been to a fair few now but the best was probably Hawker House by Street Feast. Here are a few snaps from then…

Lifestyle Enthusiast - Streat Feast - Rotary Bar


Lifestyle Enthusiast - Streat Feast - Cocktails

The Rotary bar for some juicy cocktails to start for Lucyann..

Lifestyle Enthusiast - Streat Feast - Cocktails in cups


…and for Georgia and I Prosecco in erm plastic cups… that should have been what I expected from a warehouse! This is no place for snobbiness!

Lifestyle Enthusiast - Streat Feast - Prosecco in plastic cups

Delicious nduja pizza


Lifestyle Enthusiast - Streat Feast - Nduja Pizza

Smokestak had the place (and eventually our hair) spritzed with the waft of BBQ… just look at that meat!Lifestyle Enthusiast - Streat Feast - Smokestak BBQ

Lifestyle Enthusiast - Streat Feast - A range of pop-up restaurants


Lifestyle Enthusiast - Streat Feast - Catching up with friends


Lifestyle Enthusiast - Streat Feast - Melting wax on bottles as candleholders

And tacos that beat those I ate in Mexico from Breddos! The Crunchy nut fried chicken with raspberry hot sauce.. amazingly moreish!

Lifestyle Enthusiast - Streat Feast - Crunchy Nut Fried Chicken and Raspberry Hot Sauce


Lifestyle Enthusiast - Streat Feast - Breddos Tacos


Lifestyle Enthusiast - Streat Feast - Food preperation in action



Lifestyle Enthusiast - Streat Feast - About to demolish some taco's

Flashy dreary eye taco pose..

Lifestyle Enthusiast - Streat Feast - Dreary Eye Taco Pose

Really no attractive way of eating these tacos!


And then on to my firm favourite.. Yum Bun! I love these and always hunt them out at food festivals.. squidgy steamed buns stuffed with gorgeous sticky meat and fresh flavours.

Lifestyle Enthusiast - Streat Feast - Pork, Chicken and Mushroom Steamed Buns

Lifestyle Enthusiast - Streat Feast - Yum Bun Steamed Buns

We opted for the Hoi sin and pork belly.. which were sinfully good(!) and the japanese fried chicken. The pork belly was perfectly succulent, showered in hoi sin and crisp veggies.
Lifestyle Enthusiast - Streat Feast - Devouring Yumbun



Lifestyle Enthusiast - Streat Feast - Enjoying some YumBun

LA was clearly a massive fan. Got to love YumBun!

Lifestyle Enthusiast - Streat Feast

The atmosphere is electric, really buzzing through the night; massive electic groups of people, an awesome DJ blasting music and people relaxing over lots and lots of great food. We left with massive smiles, sparkly eyes, filled bellies and with smoke smelling hair and ended up going for cocktails at one of my favourite bars, Sushisamba… but that’s a story I’ll save for another time!

If you go, I’d suggest taking cash, comfy shoes (in case you don’t find seats) and fun foodies. The food festivals at Street Feast change through the year (as do opening hours) so checkout the website before going. Link here. 

I love food festivals. Can you recommend any good ones going on? Do send over your recommendations and blog links, I really love reading them!