Lemon and Poppyseed Loaf

This isn’t a new recipe post really. I’ve just had a gorgeous relaxing weekend of fun in the sun – tanning, shopping, picnics and baking and thought I’d share this with you.I spiked my sticky lemon cake recipe with 40g of black poppy seeds and am currently enjoying this dreamy cake, sipping tea, loving the weather in the garden. Seriously happy right now!

Add poppy seeds to the mixture after your flour and salt, give it a good stir and then add your milk. The poppy seeds add a great little crunch to this zingy, fluffy cake. It’s smooth, sticky and tangy and then you get a crisp snap of a seed on your tongue.

Lifestyle Enthusiast - Smooth, sticky and tangy lemon and poppyseed loaf

It’s perfect with a hot cup of tea or cold glass of milk… Devilishly moreish but calories don’t count on the weekend do they? 😉