An unexpectedly brilliant meal at Pica, Ubud

Lifestyle Enthusiast - Pica, UbudRather oddly, one of my foodie highlights of my trip to Bali was a South American meal eaten in Ubud. Though Indonesian food is good, after a few weeks of it non stop it can get a little dull for me – I may have over done the nasi goreng! We decided to go for something a little different for a Saturday night dinner – a quick glance at our Lonely Planet guidebook suggested Pica however no review in the guidebook could have prepared me for the meal we ate there. It was one that left me smiling ear to ear, spark ignited and non stop chattering about making a  trip to South America. Absolute perfection.

Lifestyle Enthusiast - Pica, South American Kitchen

Just as I relaxed into the balmy Balinese evening we were presented with hot crusty bread and fresh chimichurri – a gorgeous blend of sharp, spiced and herby.

Lifestyle Enthusiast - Hot Crusty Bread and Fresh Chimichuri
We opted to share a ceviche for starters. This was the ceviche nikkei served with a garlic crisp bread – an odd pairing with ceviche but delicious and incredibly moreish. The ceviche itself combined lime-marinated mahi, mahi, sweetcorn, red onion, and tamarillo (this is a sharp red fruit native to Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia).

Lifestyle Enthusiast - Ceviche Nikkei

For mains Confit Pork Belly served with roasted sweet potatoes, chorizo crumble,
pickled shallots, with the best crackling, Apple, parsnip and a prize-worthy bon bon. Irresistible.

And melt in the mouth Bife de Ancho, grade 5 Waygu, served in its jus, with creamy papa purée and lashings of fresh chimichurri.

All washed down with a wonderfully rounded Malbec.

Lifestyle Enthusiast - Main of Confit Pork Belly with roasted sweet potatoes, chorizo crumble and pickled shallots

Lifestyle Enthusiast - Bife de Ancho, Grade 5 Wagyu

There’s a real challenge involved when you’re just too full but just know dessert will be fantastic – when on holiday (or even if not) I can always find space.

Lifestyle Enthusiast - Dessert Menu

Following recommendations by the waitress, we both opted for the Tres Leches Cake.

Lifestyle Enthusiast - Art on blinds


Lifestyle Enthusiast - Waitress bringing over the dessert

After a short wait I was presented for what can only be described as pure perfection… A dessert of dreams.

Lifestyle Enthusiast - Tres Leches Cake

Lifestyle Enthusiast - Digging into a beautiful bowl of Tres Leches Cake


Whilst not the best looking of puddings, months later I’m still craving more of this pudding! Essentially an indulgent rich cream spiced with vanilla, cinnamon and barely-detectable clove gently soaking a sponge cake. It was the highlight of a perfect evening.


Lifestyle Enthusiast - A picture with Chef Chris


I fell in love with the food at Pica and the service was fantastic. So much so that I may have actually asked Chef Chris for a private cooking lesson (if only we had more time in Ubud to take him up on it!)

Incredibly good food, deliciously unpretentious yet effortlessly cool a restaurant – I wholeheartedly
recommend it to anyone visiting Ubud. Do not leave without trying that cake! It’s just the perfect place to while away an evening, after a sunset stroll in Ubud. I’m now left adding to the bucket list, pinning away on Pinterest planning a trip to Peru, and desperate to find somewhere just as good closer to home in London. Any ideas?