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So many of us have had times when we’ve worked late or couldn’t predict when we will be free in order to book in for beauty treatments. Maybe you’ve had a stressful week where all you want is to roll out of bed and have a massage as you’re stiff from the gym or from being at a screen all day, (surely it’s not just me?!), or you have chipped nails that desperately need fixing – USPAAH literally solves all of these problems.

USPAAH is an app I’m not new to, I met Iglika, USPAAH’s CEO and Founder in Summer 2015, and warmed to her business concept and charisma instantly. Iglika was a city-worker, busy in her career and recognised the gap and need for an on-demand luxury beauty services app. I have since had a curly blowdry, a last-minute Swedish massage and a gel manicure and pedicure through USPAAH.

My massage with Tracy was truly wonderful – one of the best massages I’ve had – and afterwards it was so lovely to drift off to sleep in the comfort of homely surroundings. I absolutely love spa’s (as you may have seen in this post) but there is definitely something wonderful about being able to have a spa experience at home and being able to spend the rest of day in the post massage zen (rather than heading into traffic or the London underground), I cannot recommend it enough!

As I’ve now used USPAAH a few times here are my top tips for making the most of a massage treatment:


  • light some quality candles (I love this one)
  • put the heating on to get the room temperature right – I know this is an obvious one but once you’re under just a towel you’ll probably feel a bit cold if you miss this!
  • put your phone on silent and disconnect your landline (if you still have one!)
  • have a kettle filled ready to pop on, and a teapot at hand to fill with your tea of choice – you’ll then simply have to top up with hot water post-massage


  • drink lots of water for the rest of the day
  • allow the oils to sit in your skin for at least an hour before you shower
  • if you can get away with it I would highly recommend what I did – put on a good movie, get comfy under a blanket and fall into blissful post-massage sleep!

Petya was the spaahrista in charge of my nails. Both the manicure and pedicure were absolutely brilliant, I went for “Soho in love” for my manicure, a subtle nude colour, and a bright “shock me red” for my pedi. The experience was flawless and I’ve already had so many compliments on my nails!

I genuinely think USPAAH is a must-have app – it’s so easy, just download the app, put in your service request (or call the concierge if you prefer), put your feet up and hey presto you’ll have a spaahrista over to put you at ease.

You can download the app USPAAH and use code REENA15 to get £15 off your first treatment. Give them a go and do let me know what you think. I’d also love to know what your must-have apps are?
Lifestyle Enthusiast - At Home Beauty Treatments, USPAAH - Shade 'Soho in Love'
Thanks USPAAH for setting me up for a brilliant holiday with the complimentary mani and pedi! I absolutely loved it!