Hotel Mousai, Mexico – the best hotel room I’ve ever slept in

When I think back to some of my favourite holiday memories, this one comes back time and time again.

Lying on a sun lounger, Spanish textbook on my lap, gazing into the most azure of waters. The sun is hot on my skin and there’s some music soothing my ears, from the resident DJ. One of the pool guys comes over and offers us another complimentary ice cream. I take it. It’s cold, refreshing and super creamy. The views of the ocean are incredible, our butler is available for anything we need. I turned to Ash and said “this actually is paradise.” And it was. Relaxing, beautiful and fun all in one. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me tell you about how we ended up in such an incredible, luxurious hotel (hint: It’s not as expensive as it may sound… Read on to find out why!)

Have you ever stayed somewhere that you loved so much that you want to share it with everyone, but some part of you also wants to keep it to yourself to hold on to the feeling that it’s your special place? I have gone back and forth, for the best part of a year, about whether to share about my holiday at Hotel Mousai here on the blog, but following the motto that sharing is caring, here I am now telling you all about it, with the help of the official photographs from Hotel Mousai, which do the hotel a lot more justice than my photos do!

So let’s rewind back to 12 months ago, when we arrived at the Hotel Mousai.

We arrived at the Mousai with the warmest of welcomes, beaming smiles and the coolest of towels and welcome drinks. Our corner Mousai Junior Suite wasn’t quite ready upon check-in, so we decided to head up to the white themed rooftop for a refreshing welcome drink. What a great decision that was!

Hotel Mousai Rooftop - Lifestyle Enthusiast Blog - photo courtesy of Hotel Mousai

Hotel Mousai Rooftop Deck - Lifestyle Enthusiast Blog - photo courtesy of Hotel MousaiThe views are incredible and the vibe was perfect – contemporary tunes, bar staff and waiters with huge smiles on their faces, the most BEAUTIFUL infinity pool… we just knew this was going to be a great holiday. They aren’t exaggerating when they tell you this area will take your breath away, during the day or at sunset.

Hotel Mousai Rooftop Evening - Lifestyle Enthusiast Blog - photo courtesy of Hotel Mousai

We basqued in the sunshine,  read through the hotel brochure and spoke to one of the concierge about the amenities, before we were whisked up in the lift to our suite, both incredibly excited about all the activities on offer at the hotel! We were so lucky to be offered a complimentary upgrade to a Corner Suite, with a wonderful wrap-around terrace, meaning that the views were some of the best in the entire hotel (see the pics!). With it’s 270 degree views I can honestly say that, without a doubt, it’s the best hotel room I have ever stayed in.

Hotel Mousai Corner Suite Terrace - Lifestyle Enthusiast Blog - photo courtesy of Hotel Mousai

Hotel Mousai Corner Suite Terrace with champagne - Lifestyle Enthusiast Blog - photo courtesy of Hotel Mousai

Hotel Mousai Corner Suite Room view from side Terrace - Lifestyle Enthusiast Blog - photo courtesy of Hotel Mousai

Absolutely enormous, with views for days, it was so perfect! Upon entering there’s a little corridor, then a lavish relaxation lounge area, with a huge sofa, well stocked mini bar and of course a Nespresso machine. It’s the perfect place for some welcome bubbles – to toast to what is sure to be one of your favourite holidays.

Hotel Mousai Corner Suite Lounge - Lifestyle Enthusiast Blog - photo courtesy of Hotel Mousai

A few steps on is the huge king sized bed, with a pillow menu and an iPad on it. There’s an iPad in each suite which controls the lights, the blinds, the temperature, music, television, the internet and it even has options to book restaurants, spa treatments or to allow you to contact the concierge. As if that’s not enough, each room has a dedicated Butler to help with anything you may need. Even they can be contacted via the iPad!

Of course the television is super slim, sleek and modern, and easily visible from pretty much anywhere in the bedroom. I loved the use of gadgets, that were functional, cool and cleverly designed to make your holiday that much more relaxing!

Hotel Mousai Corner Suite - Lifestyle Enthusiast Blog - photo courtesy of Hotel Mousai

Hotel Mousai is incredibly luxurious but without any of the stuffiness or pretentious that some may expect of this calibre of hotel. The warm, fun style is reflected in the decor of the room, which is modern and easy on the eye, with splashes of vibrant orange and purple. I loved the bold style so much as it was perfectly balanced with the more classic marble floor, and it added so much character.

Hotel Mousai Corner Suite Bathroom - Lifestyle Enthusiast Blog - photo courtesy of Hotel Mousai

From the bed, it’s a mere few steps to the dressing area, with a strikingly huge vanity mirror, which I just loved getting ready in! A bright red chaise lounge tempts you to take a seat. Pass the double sink which leads the way to the shower room and the separate toilet.

As bizarre as it sounds, I just have to mention said toilette! It had multiple functions to heat, wash and dry your derrière. I guess this is luxury loo service! They truly have thought of everything at the Mousai! I’ll leave you to decide whether it’s necessary or not!

My favourite thing about having a corner room was that from any side of the room you can access the terrace. With a balcony that goes almost all the way around the room, the views allow you to see the Pacific Ocean, the bay, or the lush green jungle all from the comfort of your room. With floor to ceiling windows, tonnes of light comes in and you could watch these views for hours and not get bored. Hotel Mousai is right at the top of a mountain so the views are truly unparalleled and pretty mesmorising at any point in the day.

Hotel Mousai Corner Suite Plunge Bath Hot Tub - Lifestyle Enthusiast Blog - photo courtesy of Hotel Mousai

Finally, by the hammock and garden furniture was the piece-de-resistance. This was my little sanctuary!

We had a private, gold-tiled, plunge pool jacuzzi to relax in whilst we enjoyed the striking views. Taking in the views from here was sensational and I’ve never experienced anything quite like it. I’d stumble out of bed and get straight into it to enjoy the sunrise. We snacked on the freshest guacamole and tortilla’s whilst sitting in there in the afternoon, and even in the evening I’d watch watch Orange is the New Black (OITNB) on my iPad from there. I was going through a major OITNB series binge, at the time, and am absolutely going to put my hands up and say there’s no place better to watch from!

This hotel is seriously special and there’s too much to share with you for just one post, so stay tuned for more insights into the hotel facilities, which honestly are sensational.

…So, you may be thinking, a place like this must be expensive right?

Not necessarily! Here’s the secret. We didn’t actually spend that much!

Black Friday wasn’t something that I’ve ever really raised an eyebrow at. I’m rubbish at rummaging in the sales and figured I’d just end up buying things I don’t need. I’m trying to buy less, but of better quality, so that I get fewer items but those which I do get are better quality and are more special to me. I never thought I’d book a holiday due to Black Friday but when one of the best hotels’ in Central America becomes available at 60% off, well who am I to refuse?

If you’re a regular reader you’ll know that I had a companion voucher with British Airways, which essentially meant we could use just Avios points and pay taxes for two, for the price of one. With this we booked return flights to and from Mexico City. After four exceptional evenings exploring and eating my weight in delicious tacos, pozoles and taquitos, we took a short flight to Puerto Vallarta to our next destination, the beachfront luxury property, Hotel Mousai. With a British Airways companion voucher and the Hotel Mousai’s Black Friday sale, Mexico made for a holiday with great value for money and just oodles of luxury.

I loved Hotel Mousai so much, it epitomised pretty much everything I love about a hotel and I would go back in an instant. I just can’t wait to share more of it with you!

Which hotels have you fallen in love with?

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Hotel Mousai’s website can be found here.

*All photos in this post have been provided by Hotel Mousai, given that I didn’t take enough photos of the room (oops!) – as always though, my opinions are my own.