Five things you can’t miss when staying at Hotel Mousai

You may have seen in my previous post why I had fallen for the room at the Hotel Mousai – who wouldn’t?! But the room isn’t the only thing I loved there. There are just so many things to do at Hotel Mousai, should you want to!

We had six incredible nights at the Hotel Mousai and whilst it’s hard to pick – here are my top must-do things for those staying at this beautiful resort.

1. Devour the breakfast

Breakfast at Hotel Mousai is honestly up there with the best hotel breakfasts’ I’ve ever had. It was definitely a close contender for my favourite hotel breakfast, high up on the list like that which we loved in Lombok. It’s a totally relaxed affair, served from 7 am to midday. There’s both a buffet and an a la carte menu and you are free to eat from either of these or both! There are a number of spaces for where you can eat too, all of which serve the classics, continental breakfasts, viennoiserie, Croque Madame’s and of course some delicious Mexican breakfast options. We both loved the Mexican chilaquiles (which we had first tried in Mexico City), consisting of fresh crispy tortillas, topped with salsas, soured cream and mole (a traditional full flavoured Mexican sauce, for which many families have their own secret recipe!)

I did, however, fall in love with amaranth granola in Mexico and it was a winner for me here at Hotel Mousai, available each day as part of the buffet. Amaranth is a bit like a grain, couscous sized, and is gluten-free. It makes a lovely crispy breakfast cereal and I really loved starting my day with it, deliciously coated in a little honey, with yoghurt, nuts and fresh fruits. My favourite item though, without any doubt, was the beautiful bircher muesli (also frequently known as overnight oats). Now I’ve had a lot of bircher muesli before, and I often make it at home, but truly I am yet to taste one as delicious as the one at Hotel Mousai. Alongside oats, soy milk and yoghurt, it had freshly grated coconut, cinnamon and pecan nuts in it. Eating that, with views of the sea, is a memory which for me, even now a year on, is still up there with some of my happiest! The hospitality of the kitchen team was unrivalled – they even wrote down the recipe for me when I told them I loved it!

Hotel Mousai breakfast buffet - Lifestyle Enthusiast

There are a few places within the resort where you can have your breakfast. If you can leave your room then I’d highly recommend going to the Terrace, with unbeatable lush green views; it’s the perfect spot to start your day with great coffee, tea, or a mimosa. There’s also the option to take your breakfast at the Blanca Blue restaurant, which is also great but shared with Garza Blanca so more suitable for families (Hotel Mousai is adults-only), but my firm favourite was the Hotel Mousai terrace. If you can’t bear the thought of leaving your hotel room, well I wouldn’t blame you, you could always order room service from your iPad and eat it whilst out on your balcony!

2. Get your spa on!

Hotel Mousai’s spa, ‘Spa Imagine’, is seriously a sight for sore eyes. It’s as luxurious as can be! I enjoyed a great massage but actually, what you mustn’t miss out on is Spa Imagine’s Hydrotherapy Circuit – it’s brilliant! It sits on the fifteenth floor with 360-degree views. Between the steam room, sauna, pressure massage rain shower, vitality pool, whirlpool and cold plunge pool – you’re left relieved of all tension. You’re assigned a spa butler upon arrival (yes really!), who advises on the best order for you and provides you with towels and chlorophyll water for rehydration. It’s truly something special and I wish I had spent more time there!

Hotel Mousai Spa - Lifestyle Enthusiast

Source: Tafer Resorts

Hotel Mousai Spa - Lifestyle Enthusiast

Source: Tafer Resorts


3. Work out

I should start by letting you know that I don’t usually go to the gym on holiday, but after a week of heavy meals and margaritas I was keen to get some exercise in. Well, that and the fact that my jet lag would lead to me waking up each morning by 6 am! I made myself a little routine and didn’t try to resist the jet lag. Instead, I’d quietly sneak out to the gym, via the breakfast terrace where the lovely guys would be setting up. They would let me grab a tiny chia pudding and some berries to get me started as pre-gym fuel. I’d then listen to music and watch the sunrise from the gym, as it has exceptional views of the pacific ocean. After a workout, I’d stretch in the extra exercise room and then head back to my suite, shower up, and dress for a proper breakfast with my other half. Serious bliss and it allows you more space for tortillas and ice cream by the pool!

The complimentary yoga offered by the hotel is Kundalini style, rather than the Vinyasa flow that I’m used to, so I was a little sceptical at first. That said, it was a great way to start a morning and I can’t think of anywhere else I’d rather practice yoga than by the river with the sunshine lightly warming my shoulders!

4. Unplug

Annoyingly for a 5* hotel, the wifi is not included in the price. At first, I was a little frustrated by this, having to let go of my Instagram and Twitter addictions, but quickly I realised how unnecessary it was. There’s no need for the Internet when there’s a view this good, there’s yoga by the river, paddleboarding, hikes in the surrounding mountains and trips to see waterfalls, all complimentary for guests at the Mousai. Oh, and of course there are views that just cannot be beaten! We chose to just unplug from the internet and rest up, for the most part.


5. Visit Hiroshi

We stayed at Hotel Mousai on a bed and breakfast basis as we like the variety of being able to go out and try other restaurants, but given how beautiful the hotel was we did find ourselves not wanting to leave! One evening we tried Hiroshi, Hotel Mousai’s Japanese restaurant. It serves contemporary Asian inspired food with plenty of fresh sushi and sashimi. The food wasn’t quite as punchy as I liked (I’ve been spoiled by the delicious food at Kurobuta and Sticks and Sushi here in London), but it was really beautifully presented and I just loved listening to the sound of the waves softly lapping the ocean whilst we dined in Hiroshi. The cocktails were really great and they’re difficult to resist!

For more information, head to the Hotel Mousai website.

What do you love to do on holiday? Where have you loved staying most? Any must-try experiences at those hotels? I love to read about them so please do share these with me in the comments below, or via Instagram or Twitter!