Inkaterra Hacienda Urubamba – Peru’s best hotel

Some hotels are simply a place to rest your head after a long day, a place to stop on transit to your final destination or an unremarkable sleeping spot which will be forgotten in months to come, amalgamating with all the others. Inkaterra Hacienda Urubamba is definitely a spot for resting but truly, that’s where the similarities end. It’s just so much more than that. A countryside immersive haven oasis where colonial Hacienda style meets contemporary luxury, it’s the perfect oasis and a destination in its own right.

In the heart of Peru’s Sacred Valley, known for its Inca sites and weaving villages, sits Inkaterra’s Hacienda Urubamba Hotel, the youngest in Inkaterra’s luxury Peruvian portfolio of hotels. Set amidst acres of stunning farmland and in the foothills of snowcapped mountains, this is a hotel that one day you’ll reminisce about. You’ll sit in a rocking chair, with grey hair, wrinkly smile lines and perhaps a mismatched woolly cardigan. Your grandkids will be gathered around you, and you’ll share the story of your unbelievable trip to this stunning colonial home!

Inkaterra Hacienda Urubamba is up there with some of South America’s greatest luxury hotels and it’s also one of the best hotels I’ve ever stayed at. With some of the best-tasting food, I’ve tried in any hotel, ever and a true sense of luxury meets comfort.

Our break here was unforgettable and one any foodie would be so pleased to have. During our time, from the moment we got our room keys, we didn’t leave the premises and I didn’t have a moment of FOMO for the entire duration of our trip! Why? You may ask. Well, there is so much to do, and so much incredible food to eat, that you’re completely spoiled rotten, and there’s simply no reason to venture further out from the hotel’s beautiful farmland.

And best of all, there was this undeniably exceptional view. With floor to ceiling glass virtually everywhere you look in the hotel, you can’t help but fall in love with the spectacular views. With beckoning slopes, terracotta towns, and lush green fields layered with skies filled with stars – these may well be some of the most beautiful views you’ll spot in Peru and right from this hotel lobby, I fell in love with Peru’s Sacred Valley.

Amongst the cool tile floors, colonial furniture and brightly coloured blankets, are pretty Andean-inspired chests, lamps and retablo altars, inspired by the items which would have filled traditional Haciendas once owned by the Spanish lords who conquered the land. From when we arrived, we made ourselves at home on these sofas.

Whether enjoying large cups of locally picked tea or sipping a sunset Pisco Sour cocktail, relaxing in this lounge was unbeatable, and this spot became one we returned to often.

The views continue from your bedroom, where you can share the vistas of the trees, harvesting fields and stunning mountains. It’s a place of true wellness. I arrived exhausted and a little run down with a cold and found myself in the perfect space for mental and physical rest.

As well as beautiful views, the enormous king bed and warm colours provided comfort. The hypoallergenic pillows, indoor greenery and hot water bottles provided a cosy touch.

The marble-clad bathroom clad boasted lots of natural light flowing down from the ceiling and it was very much how I’d design a bathroom if I did so myself!

With an amazing powerful rain shower and gorgeous organic PH-balanced homemade toiletries, I quickly felt washed of all stresses and into a state of bliss that would continue for the duration of our stay.

Even the “Do not disturb” sign has been designed with thought behind it – instead of the conventional card hanging on a door handle Inkaterra provide a woven basket of calming lavender and rosemary.

The room itself is very roomy and one of many places for you to relax. Another firm favourite was the bedroom’s adjoining terrace, which is another gorgeous spot for soaking in the unreal views.

Once you pull yourself away from the beautiful bedroom, your options are plentiful. Your stay includes a number of brilliant excursions including twilight stargazing, a tour of the onsite organic 10 acres of farmland, or a lesson where you can learn make the ancient drink called Chicha. Best of all, these are exclusively for hotel guests so for each of the excursions it was just the two of us and our guide, Hiroshi. Hiroshi was incredibly knowledgeable and truly contributed to a fabulous stay in the Sacred Valley. He grew up in Cusco and had answers for every one of our questions about the history, culture and life in the area.

His insight brought to life the history of the Incan empire and their relation to Cusco and the Sacred Valley. A tour with him is an absolute must-do to understand the culture and heritage of the area and to gain perspective on modern-day Peru.

My favourite excursion was actually onsite at the organic farm. Hiroshi introduced us to the farmers and we revelled in the colours of the 10 acre organic farm. The rich clay soil results in the best-tasting vegetables that are used for all of the hotel meals. The fruit and vegetables are so good that they are almost exclusively used in the hotel.

Of course, a big part of any hotel stay for me is the food and to this day the food at Inkaterra Hacienda Urubamba is some of the best I’ve enjoyed in any hotel. Whilst we were there on a Bed and Breakfast basis, we ended up eating all of our meals on site. This was partly due to the fact that we were slightly under the weather and preferred to rest than have to get taxis into town. But even more so, this was because the quality of the food was absolutely fantastic and we couldn’t get enough of it. From breakfasts fit for a queen, room service lunches to three-course fine dining dinners; we had everything we could ask for

Have you ever gotten to the end of a meal and immediately looked forward to the next? Perhaps that is just me, but when it came to food, at Inkaterra Hacienda Urubamba, we were treated like royalty.

Breakfasts were a sumptuous affair – alongside a buffet of fresh Peruvian fruits, yoghurts, local cheeses, cereals, cakes and continental selections, you have the choice of an a la carte menu with both local and classic western breakfast items.

Each morning I’d start with a fresh juice (think Amazonian berries and the best combinations of orange and mango juice), before deciding which á la carte option to pick, whilst we tucked into our bread basket.

Every single item was amazing, from classic Eggs Benedict to quinoa pancakes with hot Dulce de Leche caramel sauce; we fell in love with them all. I wouldn’t have picked tamales to be the best of the breakfast options but once I tried these steamed savoury parcels, I was absolutely besotted.

Inkaterra hacienda urubamba breakfast tamales and sauce

For lunch, we typically went for more western options such as Spinach pappardelle or Roasted Duck from the “Earth to table” menu, which focuses on ingredients grown on site.

Being under the weather, I felt it was only appropriate that I’d have this as room service in the comfort of my pyjamas! I loved the flavours and presentation and was really happy with the extensive options available.

And then there were the dinners… Oh the dinners! Hacienda Inkaterra Urubamba’s romantic, candlelit dinners by the fireplace which were both comforting and hearty! These are dinners I’ll smile about for months to come still!

From bread that could rival Danish Michelin star restaurants to delicious local delicacies, I was blown away by the dinner at Inkaterra Hacienda Urubamba Why? Could it be the highly skilled chefs or that the majority of ingredients are organic and grown on site? I suspect a combination of both and I’m sure you’ll love it. The quinoa bread was up there with some of the best bread I have ever eaten – and for those who like me can’t eat too much gluten – you’ll love that you can eat this to your heart’s content. Served with three types of butter, there’s something for the more classic as well as the quirky. Classic salty butter is infused with local herbs, the second is a pesto butter and finally a sweet, tart and salty passionfruit creamy butter.

Some of the dishes we loved most were the Andean potato soup and the Lomo Beef Tenderloin with grilled mushrooms from Cusco and a pink peppercorn cake.

The Andean potato soup is poured at the table over a bowl of crispy potato sticks, parmesan, a crisp crouton and egg yolk. Given that Peru is home to over 4000 native potatoes, it’s no surprise that this soup was like nothing I had ever tried before and one of the most comforting and tasty dishes I tried in the whole month in Peru. It was thick and heady with truffle oil and so good that I ordered it every single night.

The Lomo Tenderloin was succulent and pink in a delicious pink pepper sauce, slightly soaked up by a corn cake. Organic wild mushrooms finished this dish and I loved the scent of thyme running through this.

We loved the daily complimentary afternoon tea hour where we’d enjoy fresh herbal teas, made of herbs grown onsite, with warm crisp cheese straws, many mini cookies and the daily assortment of cakes as we lounged by the fireplace and soaked in the views.

Whilst not a full afternoon tea in the traditional British sense (no sandwiches or scones) – the daily afternoon tea hour was a wonderful way to break up the day and to enjoy relaxing by the fireplace. The countless coffee table books fed our wanderlust further with collections on the best luxury hotels in the world and spotlights into different countries.

We lost hours to lounging in this area, soaking in sunshine from the floor to ceiling glass windows, drinking tea orHacienda Inkaterra Urubamba’s famous Pisco Sours! But that’s what a relaxing break is all about, isn’t it?

Set among the rolling hills of Peru’s Sacred Valley, Hotel Hacienda Inkaterra Urubamba is the sort of place you can easily forget your stresses from but it’s a place you won’t easily forget about. It’s up there with the very best luxury hotels and I can only see it improving. There are plans to build an onsite luxury spa, which was the only piece I felt was missing. I just know I’ll remember this spectacular place fondly, even when I’m grey and old. It’s the kind of place you could dream up and the kind that you can’t easily forget!

Whilst I’m in no rush I do look forward to sitting on that rocking chair and recounting my tales of travelling the world, seeing the best luxury hotels and trying every food I can!

Have you been to Hacienda Inkaterra Urubamba? Or have you ever been to a hotel where food was the focus? Which hotels have you loved? Which foodie hotels around the world have you loved?

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Our stay at Inkaterra Hacienda Urubamba hotel was provided at a media rate with one of our nights provided on a complimentary B&B basis. 

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