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The Lifestyle Enthusiast blog was born in 2013, largely as a fun distraction for me, during my final year of university. I’d been following lots of blogs for a long time, turning to them for reviews evermore frequently and I loved the authenticity that my favourite bloggers had. I thought “why not try this myself?” and so I gave it a go.

I love to write and to take photos and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to bring those together. Having recently fallen back in love with blogging I largely write about my favourite things to do, namely travelling and eating.

My love for travel has been the biggest constant in my life, from my first family holiday as a little kid, on a safari holiday to Kenya to most recently, where I’ve been fortunate enough to take over 25 international flights within the last 12 months. Travelling is an addiction and one I’ve been feeding guiltlessly and regularly, since 2010 when I made my first solo trip to Argentina. I am fully consumed by wanderlust and want to travel the world. This blog is a diary of my adventures, and all of the foodie experiences that put a smile on my face.

I love food, and if I’m not travelling I can usually be found in the kitchen, exploring new restaurants, recommending places for others and scouring Pinterest for new recipes! For more than five years I’ve become used to being the “go-to girl” for my friends and family to ask which restaurants in London they should be trying, and I’m happy to help you too.

I truly love blogging, it’s changed life as I know it and each time I hear from you, the readers of this travel and food lifestyle blog, I feel even more motivated!

So that’s me. I’m here for you whether you need a restaurant recommendation or top tips to plan your next adventure. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without travelling… and I probably would be a slightly slimmer version if I loved food a little less 😉

For any questions, collaborations or just to say hi, please do get in touch! I love to hear from you. You can reach me on any of the following!

Email: lifestyle.enthusiast@gmail.com

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Twitter: @reena_leblog

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